Root Canal Treatment

Root canal endodontic treatments are a common procedure in America, with over 15 million people per year getting this type of dental work.

Do I even need this?

When is root canal treatment required?

We recommend getting a root canal treatment if you are experiencing pain or sensitivity in your tooth. This is often caused by the dental pulp, or inner part of the tooth, getting infected. The dental pulp is made up of nerves, connective tissue, and blood vessels, which are all the most sensitive parts of the tooth. Often when bacteria gets into the tooth through deep cavities, the dental pulp will become inflamed. To fix the problem and mitigate the pain, we will perform a quick and careful root canal treatment for people living in or around Sunnyvale, CA.

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What are the steps for root canal treatment?

First, at Trident Smiles Dental, we look at the painful tooth and assess the spread of the infection. We will then make a small hole in the tooth in order to remove the infected parts. Often the roots will be removed along with the pulp, so we can ensure that the infection is eradicated. This can prevent the spread of the infection, and doesn’t harm the tooth if it is fully matured. The roots only give the tooth the ability to sense things, like heat or cold, and are important for its initial growth.

Next, your dentist will fill the small hole and new space, where the roots used to be, with a substance called gutta-percha. This is used to stabilize the tooth, by filling the empty space with the rubber-like substance and sealing it within the damaged tooth. So that your root canal is looking and feeling fresh, we will cover the tooth with a dental crown or filling. These are made to match the appearance and feel of your natural teeth.         

Leaving your appointment at Trident Smiles Dental, you’ll enjoy the look and feel of a bright smile. We ensure that the infection is taken care of by cleaning the area thoroughly and prescribing antibiotics. A root canal treatment will take care of your oral health issue quickly and efficiently. Come to our office in Sunnyvale, CA for a high quality root canal endodontic treatment.

Should I get a root canal or extraction?

An extraction is only recommended if absolutely necessary. Just because an infection isn’t causing pain today, doesn’t mean that it won’t tomorrow, so we recommend getting your teeth checked regularly for sneaky cavities.

Usually your dentist will perform a root canal if the sick tooth is salvageable, as an extraction can be more painful and take longer to heal. A root canal endodontic treatment is very effective in saving damaged teeth and removing an infection. In a single treatment, we can fix your oral health issue and you can return to eating, drinking, and smiling pain-free. Millions of teeth are saved each year with root canal treatments!

Is root canal treatment painful?

We understand that going to the dentist can be an uncomfortable experience, but we prioritize pain-free dentistry and facilitate a calming atmosphere to make the trip to our office as enjoyable as possible. At Trident Smiles Dental, we offer sedation dentistry, numbing medication, and even oral medication to relax you before your procedure. Whichever method you choose for your procedure, we will guide you through the process and keep you informed about each step towards your new healthy teeth. Leaving your teeth unchecked will result in more pain down the road if there is an infection, so be sure to book an appointment to get your regular checkup.

What are the advantages of a root canal?


We try to avoid pulling teeth unless absolutely necessary, while in the past this was the only option if someone’s tooth would become infected. Nowadays root canal endodontic treatments allow us to keep your natural tooth in place. If you have a few teeth that run into problems and need to be removed, it can result in the muscles of your face sagging. By keeping natural teeth in place through a root canal, our patients’ facial structure is maintained. When we can treat and save infected teeth, your daily life won’t be impacted by a change in your jaw structure.

At Trident Smiles Dental, we use modern technology to craft artificial teeth and crowns so that they look exactly like your natural teeth. The crown that’s placed during your root canal blends in perfectly with the surrounding teeth. At a later time if your teeth change color or you get them whitened, you can easily replace the crown. This will improve the appearance of your smile and ensure that no one will even notice that you had a dental procedure!


After your root canal treatment is completed, you will regain the normal feeling and durability of your tooth. By filling the tooth with gutta-percha, we can retain the strength of your teeth which will allow you to eat normally. Teeth endure a lot of force because of chewing and biting down, so it’s important to consider a procedure that will allow you to live your life without restrictions. Root canals allow our patients in Sunnyvale to go about their lives without worrying about their teeth.

Although our goal is to prevent cavities from leading to a root canal treatment, we also try to avoid pulling teeth in cases where the natural tooth can be saved. This is because once the tooth is taken out, it will have to be replaced. Tooth replacement with dental bridges, dental implants, or dentures is a viable option, but will require more steps in the procedure and a longer recovery period. If possible, we will encourage our patients to save their tooth and undergo a root canal endodontic procedure. Schedule an appointment at our office in Sunnyvale, CA by calling (408) 505-1777 - our dentists are here to guide you through the tooth restoration process.

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