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20-Min. EXPRESS Dental Checkup in Sunnyvale

🕒 20 Minutes Total:
10-Minute Scan
10-Minute Exam

Streamlined for Silicon Valley’s fast-paced lifestyle. Stop waiting for dental pain & bills - prevent them! Free with your dental insurance.

The Invisible Threats.

Great oral hygiene is essential, but it is not enough! Professional checkups detect diseases that do not cause any pain in their early stages but become costly if not addressed. These include early tooth decay, early-stage gum disease, small cracks in teeth, dental abscesses, bruxism or even oral cancer.

Book Express Dental Checkup

📂 10-Minute Scan
🥼 10-Minute Exam
Detect issues early without wasting time.
*Free with your insurance (All PPOs accepted)


1. Short Drive From Your Office

Nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley, our location is just a short ride away from your office. In fact, we're conveniently situated within a 5-10 minute drive from most major offices.

2. 10-Minute Scan

Go beyond brushing and flossing. Experience our quick 10-minute scan service, equipped with the latest technology for a comprehensive yet efficient view of your current dental health.

3. 10-Minute Examination

Following our 10-minute scan, enjoy a brief 10-minute exam where we assess your dental health and advise on preventive care, efficiently fitting into your busy schedule.

4. Short Drive Back

Afterwards, take a quick drive back to your day, fully informed about your dental health without losing hours. This efficient process keeps you updated with minimal disruption.

Prevention is Cheaper Than Cure

Take Advantage of Your Dental Insurance

Your dental insurance plan includes coverage for two dental checkups each year. Use it now.

Avoid Costly Dental Bills with Prevention

Detect all dental issues early and avoid costly bills in the future with our advanced diagnostics.

Includes Oral Cancer Screening

This service includes a comprehensive oral cancer screening, offering added peace of mind.