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Trident Smiles Dental is an out-of-network Delta Dental provider. Even though we changed our relationship with Delta Dental, any fee adjustments will likely be minimal or even nonexistent.



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Impact on Delta Dental patients

Below is a Delta Dental plans list of employers where patients pay less and a list of employers where patients pay more. If you do not see your employer in any of these lists, please reach out to us.

Delta Plans where patients pay LESS

• ADP TotalSource INC
• American Express
• Applied Materials
• Aviatrix Systems, Inc.
• Block, Inc - Block, Inc
• Cruise LLC
• LinkedIn
• LinkedIn Corporation
• NetApp, Inc. - NetApp, Inc.
• Northrop Grumman Corporation
• Palo Alto Networks INC
• Pure Storage - Pure Storage
• Qualcomm
• Qualcomm - Qualcomm
• Rivian Automotive, Inc.
• Rivian Automotive, LLC
• Salesforce
• Tesla, INC
• Tesla, Inc. - Tesla, Inc.
• U.S. Roche - Geneentech Inc
• UHH Food Services Plan
• W.L. Gore Associates, Inc. - Gore
• Zoom Video Communications, Inc.
• Thermo Fisher
• Google

Delta Plans where patients pay MORE

• ADP TotalSource INC
• Adobe Inc
• Alum Rock School District
• amazon
• City of San Jose
• County Of Santa Clara
• Databricks, Inc. - Databricks, Inc
• Delta Dental PPO Individual
• District CNCL 16 NO CA H&WTF
• EBay - EBaySW-P
• Federal Employee Program
• intuitive Surgical, Inc. and subsidiaries
• Juniper Networks
• KLA Corporation
• Marvell Semiconductor
• Meta
• Paypal
• Small Business Program-Small
• Standford Health Care
• Sutter Health - Palo Alto Medical Foundation
• TSMC Technology
• First Solar
• Walmart

*If you do not see your plan in this list or require more information about your specific plan, please check in with our team.


Are you worried about the cost implications of your Delta Dental insurance? Trident Smiles Dental can obtain a preauthorization document showing exactly how much your copay would be. We recommend preauthorization for any major treatments.

In-network vs. out-of-network

Both in-network and out-of-network dentists can accept Delta Dental patients.

However, an out-of-network dentist will provide you superior quality of care. Dentists who are in-network with Delta Dental have an agreement with Delta Dental, where they are paid 40% less in fees than from other dental insurance carriers like MetLife, Guardian, Aetna, etc. As a result, in-network dentists are forced to significantly lower their standards of care (rushed cleanings, use inferior quality fillings material, use lower quality crowns, implants that won't last forever, etc.). Being out-of-network will allow Trident to be paid a fair amount by Delta Dental that is usually paid out by other insurance carriers. Delta Dental does not want you to see an out-of-network dentist as they have to pay more than they would pay an in-network dentist.

Trident Smiles Dental is committed to uphold the quality of dental care while consistently delivering the positive dental experience that you deserve. Our treatments can't be rushed, materials and techniques can't be of lower quality. Patient satisfaction and long-lasting treatment will remain the top priority for Trident. We recommend the patients who have high paying plans to seek out-of-network dentists. For patients, who have low paying plans, we recommend you purchase another insurance plan or another insurance carrier to maintain your quality of dental care.


Why the change?

For a long time, being an in-network Delta Dental provider has been a challenge. Compared to other networks, Delta Dental requires unnecessary paperwork for each treatment and imposes a lot more restrictions on reimbursements. Even if one of our doctors believes you need a certain treatment, Delta Dental often times denies paying for the necessary treatment. Additionally, the new contracted reimbursement rates mandated by Delta Dental starting year 2023 are now significantly lower than our usual fees.

All of the above reasons have left dentists with two options. In order to stay in network with Delta Dental, some dentists have decided to cut corners which leads to low quality of dental care. Or, to uphold high standards of dental care, many dentists have decided to leave Delta Dental network.

Are you still accepting Delta Dental?

Yes. We are changing our relationship with Delta Dental, but our office will continue to accept Delta Dental insurance and all patients with this insurance will experience minor to no changes. There will be no difference in ortho (Invisalign treatment) coverage for Delta Dental patients getting Invisalign treatment at our office. PPO plans are meant to allow the patient to receive care from any dentist of their choice in the country.

What can Delta Dental patients expect?

Our office will be going out of network on June 21st, 2023. However, WE STILL ACCEPT YOUR INSURANCE AND THERE WILL BE NO CHANGE IN COVERAGE FOR INVISALIGN. You may get a letter from Delta Dental explaining the impact on your benefits. Delta Dental PPO plans cannot stop you from seeing the dentist of your choice.

1.  Depending on the plan contracted between your employer and Delta Dental, you may notice zero to minor increase in fees charged for our services. There will be no difference in ortho (Invisalign treatment) coverage for Delta Dental patients getting Invisalign treatment at our office. You can log in to your Delta Dental member site to check the difference in benefits between in-network dentist vs out-of-network dentist.

2. 100% of the procedure fee (insurance portion plus patient copayment) will be due at the date of the service. Trident Smiles Dental will  bill Delta Dental on your behalf, but Delta Dental will now make the payment (insurance portion) to you, the patient, within one month of the service date. You will receive a check from Delta Dental to your address in our records.  Our staff will assist you if there is any difficulty collecting payment from Delta Dental.

3.  All of our financing options such as Sunbit Financing or Lending Point are still available for you. We also recommend signing up for dual coverage if you and your spouse have different insurance carriers. And for any inconvenience this news might have caused, we would love to offer you a discount towards your next treatment.

Can I pay after my insurance pays me?

No. 100% of the procedure fee (insurance portion plus patient copayment) will be due at the date of the service. Since, Delta Dental will send you a check at your address in our records.

I am in the middle of my treatment. What happens now?

We will honor the fees that were quoted for your treatment until you finish the treatment, however, 100% of the fee will be due at the date of service.

Is there anything I need to do as a patient?

No. As a courtesy, we will submit the claim, x-rays and documentation so that you can maximize your dental benefits.

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