Dentures vs. Dental implants – Which one is right for you?

Missing teeth are detrimental to oral health and might affect your mental health and self-esteem. We know that! Yet it is a widespread condition not just among the elderlies but also among younger folk. Reports state that 70% of people aged 35 to 44 bear at least one missing tooth.

Thankfully, we now have a better solution to say bye-bye to the distress caused by tooth loss. How? By choosing to undergo dental procedures like implants or dentures. These advanced dental procedures can help restore your smile and maintain oral health.

To simplify things, here's all you need to know about dental implants vs. dentures.

What are dentures?

You must have heard about dentures from your grandparents as a detachable tooth with a portion of the gum tissue to restore a lost tooth. Dentures are still the same! They are artificial teeth, but the quality of dentures has improved over the years, and now they appear more natural than ever.

Dentures are suitable for people looking for more cost-effective options. In addition, people with poor dental structure, weak gums, or bones can also choose to undergo this procedure.

Pros and Cons of Dentures

Pros of using dentures:

• Dentures yield an aesthetically pleasing result as they are an excellent way to restore entire rows of teeth

• Dentures are a cost-effective option in comparison to dental implants.

Cons of using dentures:

• Even though dentures are almost perfect for everybody, they might slip out of place if not appropriately secured while eating or talking.

• Dentures need extra care and cleaning and need to be replaced if you notice any significant wear or tear.

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What are dental implants?

A dental implant is a long-term replacement for missing teeth anchored to the jawbone. Once the implant osseointegrates, and the jawbone heals completely, a crown is secured on the implant as a tooth replacement. Dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth or several teeth, as well as to support crowns and dentures.

Since dental implants resemble natural teeth, they require maintenance and are expected to last a lifetime. In addition, dental implants may help preserve the shape of your jaw, eliminating the sagging facial look that is common among toothless patients.

Most dentists recommend dental implants when a patient misses teeth and has very healthy bones and gums.

Pros and cons of dental implants

Pros of using dental implants:

• Dental implants can last decades if properly taken care of

• Dental implants look like natural teeth as they replicate the size and shape of the tooth they replace.

Cons of using dental implants:

• Dental implants need enough healthy bone for support, just like natural teeth.

• The initial investment is high if you choose tooth implants instead of dentures. However, the long-term numbers show that this investment is worthwhile!

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Dentures or Dental implants—which option is better?

Are you still confused about choosing between the two?

Relax! Let us compare dentures and implants on four significant parameters: age, bone density, function and feel, and hygiene.


In general, partial dentures are more prevalent among younger people under 45. However, people over age 45 who have lost several teeth or are suffering from periodontal illness may choose to undergo dentures.

While people of any age can opt for a dental implant procedure, provided they have a healthy oral condition.

Bone Density

Implants need a specific amount of jaw bone density to support the implants. A denture can sometimes be the only option.

Functionality and comfortability

Dental implants may be more comfortable and offer superior chewing function compared to dentures.

However, research found that those with implant-supported over-dentures, a combination of dentures and implants, are happier and feel more comfortable chewing than those using regular dentures.


If you cannot maintain your dentures, you might consider implants, which need minimal maintenance.

Ready to start?

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