Wisdom tooth removal cost

Between the ages of 17 and 24, our wisdom teeth start to appear. Once they do, our set of 32 teeth is complete and we are officially adults! Half the time, wisdom teeth are healthy, don’t show signs of decay, and erupt smoothly through the gums. Other times, wisdom teeth grow the wrong way, in the direction of molars, pushing your whole set of teeth to the front and disrupting their alignment. Your regular dentist visits and x-rays should identify whether your wisdom teeth are growing right or need to be removed. So, what is the wisdom tooth removal cost? Read through this article to know everything there is about how much does a wisdom tooth extraction cost.

Cost to remove wisdom teeth: what composes the wisdom teeth removal price?

If you’re wondering how much does it cost to remove wisdom teeth, there are some factors that need to be considered. Wisdom tooth removal costs depend on how complex the procedure on your specific teeth is. Here are 8 main factors to consider:

1. The location of the dental practice you will be extracting your wisdom tooth at.
2. The personal costs of your dentist or surgeon. Their fees vary depending on their experience.
3. Whether it is a simple extraction of a tooth that has already come out, a misaligned wisdom tooth, or a surgical extraction that requires a tooth to be removed from under the gum.
4. How difficult the extraction is and how much time it takes.
5. The number of wisdom teeth to be extracted.
6. Your age. The older you are, the more difficult and expensive the procedure.
7. X-rays and exams done by your dentist beforehand to see what is going on beneath the surface of your gums.
8. Anesthesia and medication needed after the procedure to manage the pain (click here to know what to expect after the procedure - what to expect after wisdom teeth removal).

Depending on the factors listed above, the extraction of one wisdom tooth can cost between 75 and 600 USD.

Wisdom tooth removal cost? Average cost of wisdom teeth removal

Wisdom tooth extraction depends on many factors. Among those factors the type of procedure you need and also its associtated costs. See the chart below:

Are there any hidden values in the cost of getting wisdom teeth removed?

To figure out how much the extraction of a wisdom tooth costs, you need to be aware of all parts of the procedure. Hidden values in the overall cost of wisdom tooth removal can come in the form of anesthesia, x-rays, cleaning, and follow-up exams. Don’t forget to also factor in the cost of your clinic and/or dentist.  These additional costs will ensure your procedure goes smoothly and with minimum discomfort. Here is a breakdown of the cost of each component:

- Anesthesia — $220 to $700 per tooth
- Nitrous oxide — $40 to $150 to the cost of extraction
- General anesthesia — $250 to $800 for the total cost
- X-ray — approximately $150
- Follow-up exams (what to expect after wisdom teeth removal)— per appointment, depending on your clinic and dentist
- Cleaning (what to expect after wisdom teeth removal) — between $70 to $200

In the U.S., wisdom tooth cost removal for 4 wisdom teeth at once (including anesthesia) can range between 1,500 USD to 2,300 USD.

Can you somehow reduce the cost to pull wisdom tooth?

The cost to pull wisdom teeth can be reduced. Dental insurance plans normally cover a percentage of the wisdom teeth removal procedure. Also, some oral surgeons will offer special prices if all four wisdom teeth are removed at once. You might also want to consider a discount dental plan (a dental discount card), medicare (federal health insurance plan for people 65 years-old and more), dental schools that have dental clinics to teach their student with reduced procedure fees, and payment plans in accordance with your dentist.

Is it cheaper to remove all wisdom teeth at once?

Most of the time, your dentist will recommend removing all wisdom teeth, even if only one of them is painful, infected or is coming out the wrong way. Since most dental clinics offer a package deal for removing all four wisdom teeth at once, it will be cheaper to have them all extracted.

Final Points about wisdom tooth removal cost

Considering many factors, wisdom tooth removal cost ranges from 600 to 3,000 USD. The complexity of the procedure, the location of your dentist and their personal costs, as well as x-rays, exams and anesthesia, all contribute to the final cost of your wisdom teeth extraction. There are ways to reduce the overall cost, like insurance or payment plans. Also make sure you account for costs of medication and follow-up appointments after the procedure.


How much does wisdom tooth removal cost without insurance?

Without insurance, the average wisdom tooth removal cost in the U.S. ranges from 600 to 3,000 USD.

How much does wisdom tooth removal cost with insurance?

Dental insurance will generally cover up to 80% of a wisdom tooth removal procedure. It all depends on the plan you have and the cap that is applied. Some dental insurances cover 15 to 50% of the wisdom tooth extraction procedure. A simple extraction will cost, with insurance, between 135 and 300 USD per tooth. A surgical extraction will cost 22 to 700 USD per tooth with insurance.

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