Why Apple employees prefer Trident Smiles Dental

Finding a convenient place for meeting your basic requirements, such as dental care, is essential, more so when you're busy inventing the next generation of technology at Apple Inc. And, since it is centrally located, Trident Smiles Dental at Sunnyvale is ideal for Apple employees intending to receive top-notch dental care.

Apart from world-class dental treatments, here are a few more perks that make your visit to TSD worth it:

Company-specific insurance accepted

Here at Trident Smiles Dental, we accept MetLife Dental Insurance - the one specific to the employees working at Apple.

Campus proximity

We are not only centrally located in the proximity of the Apple campus but also well-connected through different commuting mediums that make up for easy and swift accessibility.

State-of-art tech equipment

Trident Smiles Dental makes use of the latest and most advanced types of equipment that guarantees the best-in-class dental treatment and sustainability of the same.

Netflix & Whitening

Short of time to catch up on your favorite series? Haven’t you had your teeth checked in a while? Here at Trident Smiles Dental, Netflix and dental Whitening go hand in hand. Watch all-time classics like Seinfeld or shows like Stranger Things on Netflix while getting your Teeth Whitened at TSD.

USD 750 Off on Invisalign

Bid adios to ugly metal wires with Invisalign clear teeth aligners. Trident Smiles Dental is pleased to offer a $750 discount on Invisalign teeth straightening treatment for all Apple employees.

Free Invisalign Scans

To show our special care to some of the brightest minds and world-renowned innovators, TSD is proud to offer free-of- charge Invisalign scans to the Apple employees.

Elite Diamond plus Certification from Invisalign

The shower of bounties for the Apple employees just doesn't end here! You also get access to the Elite Diamond plus Certification from Invisalign- only at TSD.

No-hassle Appointment Booking with a Complimentary Uber Ride

Haven't visited a dentist in a long time? It's better to be late than never! Now is the time to sit back and relax as we handle not only your treatment but the commuting part as well! What's more? Trident Dental Smiles cover the cost of your Uber ride too.

Massage Chair in Waiting rooms

Enjoy massage through our special massage chairs as you or your loved ones wait for the treatment in the waiting lounge of TSD.

Spa-like ambiance with an experienced staff

Trident Smiles Dental focuses on creating a warm, calm, and welcoming ambiance with discrete treatment rooms, experienced staff, and subtle, cozy décor. We want you to experience being at a comfy and peaceful place rather than some scary dental clinic.

Be it Dental implants, Root canal, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, or oral examinations, at Trident Smiles Dental, we will help your dental health with finesse. Book you appointment today.

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