Tips for a kiss-worthy smile

Who doesn't want to stay healthy and look gorgeous all the time? A bright, well-cared-for confident smile is one way to exude youthfulness. Here are a few some pointers on how to achieve a kiss-worthy healthy smile.

Be wary of bad breath.

Bad breath (halitosis) is caused by germs accumulating in your mouth; thus, brushing your teeth regularly is crucial to combat it. Don't forget to thoroughly clean your tongue. Bacteria can build up there too. Mouth washing and cleaning between your teeth with interdental brushes or flossing can also help keep bad breath at bay.

Bad breath that doesn't go away despite following a dental care routine could be a symptom to something more severe, such as gum disease. So, if you're following a healthy oral health care regiment and the odor persists, schedule an appointment with your local expert right away.

Share a kiss and not your toothbrush.

Even though germs and pathogens, which are the common reasons behind colds, sore throats, and COVID-19, can propagate through saliva, one out of every four of us is eager to share toothbrushes with others. Bacteria can remain on a toothbrush for anywhere from a few hours to many days, making it critical to stop sharing your toothbrush - even with family members.

Go for fluoride formulation dental products

Using fluoride-containing products, such as mouth rinse or toothpaste, can help prevent tooth decay and enhance your overall oral health.

Brighten up your smile, albeit safely

If you are convinced that having a bright smile can boost your confidence, there is a fair chance that you may have researched tooth whitening at some point.

Only a professional can legally and safely conduct the best teeth whitening procedure. Don't be tempted to save money by going to a local beautician or buying DIY tooth whitening products on the internet, which may contain a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide. Such gimmicks may lead to irreversible teeth and gum damage.

Brush Teeth - Everyday

'Brush your teeth twice a day- A phrase we have been hearing since our early childhood days.

Brushing takes off residual food particles that can build plaque when they encounter saliva. These bits provide food for the bacteria that reside in our mouths natively. Its digestive acids can eat away at the enamel on our teeth, leading to decay.

Never skip flossing

Dental flossing is vital because it eliminates plaque from hard-to-reach areas. If plaque is allowed to persist, you may experience tooth decay or even gum disease.

Scrape your tongue

While brushing your teeth, ensure to scrape your tongue to remove the white or yellow foul-smelling bacterial waste that often leads to bad breath.

Refrain from chewing hard foods

Chewing Hard candies and non-food things such as pen caps and fingernails should be avoided. They aren't meant to be chewed and can cause tooth damage.

For more on dental care and how to achieve a kiss-worthy smile, get in touch with our experts at Trident.

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