Teeth whitening before and after

Teeth whitening is a very commonly used cosmetic procedure. While there are many over-the-counter options that make it possible to whiten your teeth at a lower cost (teeth whitening cost) than in a dental clinic, a professional teeth whitening procedure is recommended. One of the reasons behind that is that it lasts longer (how long does teeth whitening last). If you are wondering how teeth whitening before and after looks like, scroll down to have a look at some cases.

3 Teeth whitening before and after pictures & success cases

Teeth whitening results will differ depending on the shade of your initial teeth. Your dentist will be telling you in advance how many shades lighter will your teeth look like after treatment. The shade will depend on how many stains were on your teeth initially and of the overall mineral composition of your teeth. Before and after teeth whitening cases are shown below for you to have a further look at the possible results and to measure whether the cost is worth it to you (teeth whitening cost).

Case 1

Case 2

Case 3

Key takeaways about before and after teeth whitening

A professional teeth whitening before and after research is the best way to make a decision about the treatment. Most adults choose to have this cosmetic dental procedure done in-clinic as it is more reliable than over-the counter methods (despite the higher cost - teeth whitening cost). You will also get a thorough check-up done by your dentist, ensuring there are no underlying issues or cavities. Results are also immediate and long-lasting. How long will your teeth whitening last will depend on factors listed in this article (how long does teeth whitening last).

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