Root canal before and after

A root canal treatment (root canal) is a procedure performed under local anesthesia. The purpose of root canal surgery is to treat an infection that has taken place at the center of the tooth. The process eliminates the bacteria from the inflamed or infected root canal, preventing further infection of the tooth and saving the natural tooth along the way. In this article, we show you root canal before and after pictures for you to have a better idea of the treatment. Depending on whether your tooth has one or several canals, the procedure takes between 30 and 90 minutes (you can read more in detail here - how long does root canal take). Defining a root canal and being aware of what is a root canal is important to get treatment and prevent further infections or tooth extraction.

3 root canal before and after pictures 

A dental root canal (root canal) will appear clearly on a dental x-ray. The inside of the tooth looks infected. The outside of the tooth will sometimes look cracked or chipped and the gums around it may be inflamed, red or even darkened. Below are XX cases for you to have a better idea of what does a root canal look like after the procedure and to see a molar root canal before and after. 

Case 1

Case 2

Case 3

Key takeaways about before and after root canal

There is no doubt that a root canal procedure is essential and unavoidable should you have an infected pulp. Depending on which teeth are infected and how many root canals are required, root canal treatment might take a different amount of time. Root canal before and after cases are wise to look at before you undergo the procedure to know what to expect and to understand the necessity of the treatment. To know more about what is root canal is and how long a root canal takes, click here (root canal) and here (how long does a root canal take). 

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