Invisalign vs Smile Direct Club | Why Invisalign is the better choice?

Both Invisalign and Smile Direct Club offer clear teeth aligners for teeth straightening. The most significant distinction between the two is that dentists and orthodontists retail, administrate, and oversee Invisalign, while Smile Direct Club sells trays to customers via the postal service through remote tele dentistry.

Comparing Invisalign and DIY brands.

Smile Direct Club engages the licensed professionals, but the patient has no direct contact with them. It's a "doctor-directed at-home" procedure, as per the information available at Smile Direct's website. In short, Smile Direct Club clear teeth aligner buyers are responsible for not only making their own molds but are also responsible for their dental health as it is a DIY procedure with no one-on-one dentist diagnosis and interaction.

On the other hand, patients who get Invisalign invisible aligners from their regular dentist benefit from having trustworthy contact with someone familiar with their dental history. An orthodontist can take X-rays, assess the patient's bite, how the teeth fit together, look at previous dental work, and check the gums' condition. All of them play a pivotal role in deciding whether or not a patient is a good candidate for an alignment tray straightening procedure, and none of them can be done remotely.

Why you should choose Invisalign over DIY brands like Smiles Direct club and Candid:

  • Choosing Invisalign's best invisible brace treatment allows the doctor to monitor your progress and handle any issues early on or answer the questions you may have. If necessary, the teeth straightening plan can be tweaked to address any pain or discomfort. You have no such provision with Smiles direct club.
  • For assistance with missing or broken Invisalign braces, the patient can phone or visit the dental office. While the local dental practice has set hours of operation, Smile Direct Club, on the contrary, promises a customer care approach available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But that's all it is—customer service. Patients may be able to contact someone at any moment by calling or sending an email. However, that person will not be able to view the problem in person and hence will not suggest a remedy.
  • Several frightening stories of patients have emerged out of smile direct club reviews where users did not observe any progress or, even worse, lost teeth or suffered irreversible damage because of these direct-to-consumer aligners.
  • Smile direct club aligners and their variants frequently focus on the cosmetic element of your teeth arrangement while neglecting to treat the right bite—which impacts the entire jaw functionality.

Smile confidently with Invisalign.

Smile Direct Club or other invisible aligners such as Candid and Byte may seem lucrative options for individuals with limited budgets, have minimal teeth alignment difficulties, and are comfortable completing some of the work themselves. However, we, at Trident Smiles Dental, advise not going that way. Invisalign is not only a better but also a safer alternative. You get one-on-one attention that only a dentist or an orthodontist can provide.

Whether you take a DIY approach or go via the dentist's course, it's always a good idea to discuss beforehand with your trusted orthodontist to avoid complications later on.

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