How much are dental implants?

Having missing teeth is hard. The struggle to bite or chew food, and the self-conscious feeling when smiling or speaking to someone, make it difficult for some patients to cope. Luckily, dental implant treatments exist. Whether you have missing teeth or dentures you wish to replace, dental implants are long-term and look natural. The process includes a titanium screw placed on your jawbone. The bone around it will hold the implant in place, allowing the next step, which is a crown matching your existing teeth to be fitted on top of the implant. But how much are dental implants? Read on to know everything about dental implants' costs.

Cost of dental implants: what determines dental implants prices?

Yes, dental implants seem expensive at first glance. However, it is important to note that they are a more long-term solution than others - such as dental bridges and dentures. When it comes to the cost of a dental implant, every case is unique. Generally speaking, dental implants cost 1,500 $ on average for each dental implant only. Depending on how many implants you might need, this should be taken into consideration. Also, there are other additional costs involved in the overall procedure. These are crowns, cost of clinic visits, abutment, and tooth and root extraction (if needed). That can amount to a total of 3,500 to 7,000 $. A tooth implant cost is often covered by insurance, depending on your dental insurance plan. Click here to find out more more about how to get dental implants covered by insurance.

How much are dental implants? Average cost of dental implants in the USA chart

To know more about how much a dental implant procedure is overall, have a look at the chart below. It depicts the average cost of tooth implants in the US. With that chart, you’ll be able to have a general idea of the general cost of your dental implant treatments and take the appropriate action.

What factors determine how much dental implants cost?

How much dental implants cost depends on 3 main factors. As mentioned above, it all depends on the number of implants you need. Here are 3 factors to consider:

1. The dentist and clinic you are visiting for your dental implants. The dentist’s fees, the clinic’s location, and the cost of scans have to be taken into consideration when figuring out a tooth implant’s cost.

2. The patient’s case. Factors such as jaw and bone condition, number of implants required, and whether there is a need for tooth extraction, are also to be considered when calculating the cost of dental implants.

3. Abutment, crown, and anesthesia needs. Your doctor will discuss everything with you before you start your treatment.

Before deciding whether to go through dental implants or not, check your dental insurance options. Some dental plans cover dental implant costs, some don’t. Check your options as a first step. Click here to know more about insurance and dental implants - how to get dental implants covered by insurance.

Can you somehow reduce the cost of tooth implant?

There are a few ways that can reduce your teeth implant cost.

After doing a thorough background check, of course, book your procedure with a local dental school. It will be done by dental advanced students but you will get a reduced cost.

Budget-friendly dentists do exist! Try finding someone who will understand your financial situation and be willing to agree on a payment plan or discount.

Another solution would be to combine dental implants with other treatments such as dentures and bridges. And last but not least, use your insurance. Do your research and go with a dental plan that works for you. We tell you all about that here - how to get dental implants covered by insurance.

Final Points about how much do dental implants cost

The bottom line is that dental implants are not the only solution to fix your missing teeth problem. However, they are a good long-term solution that is worth the financial hassle. With an appropriate financial plan and with the proper use of dental insurance, you can have the tooth implant you need and lead a more comfortable life.


How much are day dental implants?

4000 $ per implant is the usual price for a same-day dental implant. It is also important to note you will receive temporary teeth until the actual crown can be placed another day.

How much are full top dental implants?

In the US, the average cost of a full dental implant is $30,000.

How much are 3 dental implants?

$5,000 on average. As mentioned in the article above, it all depends on the cost you will be given for one dental implant. You will then have to multiply that cost by 3.

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