How do celebrities get their "Hollywood Smile"?

What is a Hollywood smile?

Have you ever wondered how these Hollywood celebrities look picture-perfect in every photo? Their six-pack abs, lush hair, flawless skin, and beautiful smile seem so good that you wish to steal them!

Here's good news for you!

You may now effortlessly steal away your favorite Hollywood star's smile by undergoing a Hollywood smile makeover. A Hollywood Smile makeover means obtaining a flawless celebrity smile by undergoing a comprehensive dental makeover. Even though it's not easy to achieve a perfect smile, it is relatively easier than spending several hours a day in the gym trying to achieve a picture-perfect body that's often photoshopped. (No offense, please!)

How do celebrities get the "Hollywood smile"?

A Hollywood Smile Makeover comprises of several cosmetic treatments to reshape your teeth to their optimum form, shade, and size. We compiled a list of the most common dental procedures for you. Let's take a look!

• Porcelain veneers

Dental veneers are thin and tailored porcelain or ceramic shells that shield the tooth surface, giving you an aesthetic smile. These porcelain veneers are matched to the color of a natural tooth and fit the tooth surface without adding any artificial weight. The veneers effectively conceal stains that whitening can not remove and manage chipped teeth, gaps, and crooked or crowded teeth.

• Whitening

Pearl white teeth are the first step to getting a Hollywood smile. The process involves bleaching your teeth with a concentrated solution to remove stains or discoloration caused by caffeine, sugar, acidic foods, and nicotine. Despite the growing popularity of teeth whitening kits, seeking professional help to attain a Hollywood celebrity smile is recommended.

• Dental bonding

Teeth bonding is one of the most effective procedures dentists use to restore a beautiful smile. This procedure is quick and inexpensive. Dentists use it to fix decayed teeth (composite resins are helpful to fill cavities), scuffed or cracked teeth, improve the look of discolored teeth, close gaps between teeth, make teeth appear longer, and for other cosmetic purposes. The dentist uses a natural-colored resin on the affected areas to fill the gaps, and then a special light is used to solidify the resin to ensure its durability.

• Clear Invisalign aligners

Clear aligners are transparent orthodontic devices used to straighten teeth. In this treatment procedure, the dentist takes an impression of your teeth to create clear tray aligners for Invisalign braces. To keep the pressure on your teeth, you must switch aligners regularly. Furthermore, it is crucial to wear these aligners twenty-four hours every day to gradually shift the teeth into the desired position.

These celebrities did it to get their best smiles.

1. Miley Cyrus

During her "Hannah Montana" days, Miley Cyrus had slightly uneven teeth, which didn't contribute to the singer's magnificence. But as she proceeded further in her career, she gracefully enhanced her beauty by undergoing a dental veneer process that gave her a beautiful, even smile with whitened and straightened teeth.

2. Zac Efron

"The Neighbors" star hasn't always been swoon-worthy. Before "High School Musical" made him a Disney Channel celebrity, Efron's smile wasn't picture-perfect, with a few irregular teeth and a space between his upper front teeth. However, later, he chose to undergo cosmetic dentistry to fix his misaligned teeth, and he subsequently had his teeth whitened. There is no doubt that his investment was worth every penny because his smile can make you skip a beat.

3. Tom Cruise

Maverick returns, but today's Maverick has more wrinkles and gray hair. Yet, Tom Cruise's perfect smile hasn't changed. Just for your information, he wasn't born with that smile. His initial appearance showed severely mismatched, uneven, and yellowish teeth. However, later in his career, he chose to undergo various dental procedures like braces, veneers, and teeth whitening to attain one of the most instantly recognizable and gorgeous smiles in Hollywood.

4. Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey, the star of "Ace Ventura" and "The Mask," is Hollywood's most sought-after performer. You have probably noticed his chipped front teeth in the movie "Dumb and Dumber." Nevertheless, he upgraded his appearance by undergoing porcelain veneers and dental bonding that gave him a new set of white and even natural-looking teeth.

5. Hillary Duff

Hilary Duff had a beautiful smile and perfect teeth until she chipped her tooth on a microphone at a concert while giving an extremely energetic performance. Rather than simply repairing the chipped tooth, she invested in a complete veneer set, and her teeth have never looked better. However, her dental care did not end there. Before her wedding in 2010, Duff revealed that one of her teeth had fallen out. Fortunately, she underwent emergency treatment before her marriage, and now she has the most beautiful smile.

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