Essential scanners for orthodontic and cosmetic dentists

Dentists need the best possible tools available to provide quality dental care to their patients. A digital intraoral scanner and a CBCT scanner are two of the most crucial tools. But, what exactly are these tools? Let's dig in.

What is an intraoral scanner? 

An intraoral scanner is an incredible tool that helps create a digital impression of the patient's oral cavity. It displays a 3-D scanned model of any object, making a dentist's job easier. 

Intraoral scanning devices are utilized for restorative and preventative dental procedures. The device can store images with 3D accuracy, with complete dentition in great detail. Furthermore, it can use the stored data to monitor all the potential oral illnesses and disorders in the future.

Benefits of an intraoral scanner  

1) Better patient experience with scanners

Intraoral scanners enhance the patient experience. They no longer rely on traditional methods to get an oral impression because the conventional process was uncomfortable and did not yield a satisfactory result. 

2) Time-saving

An intraoral scanner saves time as the data can be immediately scanned and sent to the dental lab. Hence, it is much more convenient compared to any other traditional method.

3) High accuracy

Intraoral scanners are used as advanced3-D imaging technology and capture the exact shape of the patient's teeth arch.The precise information that the gadget delivers includes high-resolution images of all the hard and soft tissues situated in the oral cavity.

4) Improved patient education

An intraoral scanner makes the treatment process very transparent by optimizing the dental treatment. It also ensures improved communication between the dentist and the patient. Digital scans are conveniently kept in the patient's file to be utilized for interprofessional diagnosis in the future. The intraoral scans enable an instant view of pictures as a visual aid to encourage self-care by illustrating the health of a patient's oral condition.

Features of intraoral scanners 

1) Scanning speed

Scanning speed is a crucial factor. Dentists usually consider the speed of complete arch scanning when buying an intraoral scanner.

2) Size

It is very significant to consider the size of an intraoral scanner and how well it fits the hand. Generally, most dentists also analyze the scanner's weight and overall comfort before getting one. 

3) Scanning flow/ software quality

It is crucial to know how smoothly the scanner works. Does it function well in the corners? Does it lag or display results quickly? Does it lose frequency?

4) Price

The cost of an intraoral scanner is one of the essential considerations for dentists. The preferred price varies from person to person and depends on the geographical location and several other factors.

 Top intraoral scanner brands

1.   iTero Element 5D by Align Technology 

Our clinic, Trident Smiles Dental, uses iTero element 5D by Align Technology. iTero is one of the best brands in the business as it uses NRI technology and streamlines the workflow. Most importantly, it fits all criteria for a perfect scanner found in a standard checklist.

2.   TRIOS 4 by 3Shape

TRIOS 4 by 3Shape takes the treatment process to the next level. It provides colored scans, has a long battery life, and delivers the most accurate results. Furthermore, the Trios 4scanner perfectly tracks oral changes and aids in the early detection of dental conditions.

3.   Emerald S by Planmeca

Emerald S is a high-quality scanner with enhanced qualities. Its USP is better scanning speed and improved usability. The lightweight digital device has all the necessary features to achieve accuracy, so the Emerald S is one of the most purchased intraoral scanners

What are CBCT scanners?

CBCT stands for ConeBeam Computed Tomography. Dental professionals use x-rays in the form of a cone-shaped beam to provide better clarity and depth in imaging to make an accurate diagnosis.

Benefits of CBCT scanners

CBCT has been around for quite some time now, and there has been a boom in demand for these tools due to decreased pricing and improved technology. With the compact design of the latest CBCT scanners, small dental clinics can now get one without worrying about space management. There are several benefits associated with a cone-beam CT scanner.

1) It delivers 3D information instead of 2D information. As a result, dental professionals now have access to quicker, more accurate diagnoses, treatment plans, and evaluations.

2) The radiation dosage from CBCT is much lower now.

4) Furthermore, the cost of a cone CT scanner is five times less than that of a fan-beam CT scanner. 

5) There isn't a learning curve for cone-beam CT since performing a cone beam scan is almost identical to taking a panoramic x-ray.

6) Patients will have a significantly better experience at a dental practice that uses CBCT because they can now easily see and comprehend the problems they are experiencing.

Things to consider when choosing a CBCT scanner

1. Uses based on your patient's cases history

Knowing what one needs before investing too much money in it is crucial. Dentists usually make purchase choices based on their previous cases and analyze what was needed to examine past patients. If a dentist finds the need for a CBCT machine based on the patient's requirements, then getting one is an excellent investment to make.

2. Size of the product

Considering the size of the product is significant. Check if the product is easy to handle and fits your hands properly.

3. Customer service and warranty for the product

What kind of warranty does the machine you're purchasing have? Does the brand provide quality customer service? Do they repair the product if it gets damaged?

Top 3 brands for CBCT scanner

1.   PreXion3D Excelsior CBCT Scanner

Modern dentistry requires a vital system that combines 3D imaging, high image resolution, reduced radiation exposure, diagnostics, and digital planning. The PreXion3D Excelsior delivers all of these features and more. Its patient management solution secures patient data and transmits it across any room within a dental clinic. Its precision and professional knowledge make it a powerful companion for dentists.

2.   Planmeca ProMax 3D Max

The Planmeca algorithm saves time for physicians and protects patients from unwanted exposures. The crystal clear dental imaging systems include clever high-tech solutions and algorithms that rebuild structures in less than 30seconds. All Planmeca CBCT systems provide 3D dental imaging, including panoramic, cephalometric, and extraoral bitewing.

3.   Vatech Green CT 2 

VATECH's Green CT 2's dental imaging expertise makes it one of the leading brands in the USA and Trident's favorite choice.The high-quality images significantly improve diagnosis accuracy and patient satisfaction. The Multi FOV feature of Green CT2 allows the user to pick the appropriate FOV setting and reduce exposure to unwanted regions, making it perfect for repeated implant operations.

Are we missing something?

Yes, we are missing Invisalign Day! Trident Smiles Dental offers a free Invisalign scan every Tuesday. We use the iTero technology to create accurate digital models that are fun to watch and help make an informed decision. Based on the scans, the experts will give you detailed guidance on how your treatment plan would look.

Trident Smiles Dental is one of the most innovative clinics in the South Bay. Vatech CBCT and iTero Intraoral scanner are must-haves for a top-notch dental clinic that promises to deliver premium dental care. So, if you are planning to undergo an orthodontic or cosmetic dental procedure treatment near Sunnyvale, Trident could be your best choice.

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