Easy ways to teach your kids about dental hygiene

Whether you struggle to convince them to clean their teeth or you're continually running out of supplies, raising children with excellent dental habits might feel like an uphill climb. However, you can make things somewhat easier for yourself and your kiddos by creating and sticking to a dental routine, and by creating fun ways for your kids to adopt dental hygiene habits.

Try out these parenting tricks to make the daily dental routine an absolute delight for your little ones. Teach your children how to care of their teeth and why it's so important.

  • Let kids pick the toothbrush of their liking— They can select one based on their favourite colour or character.
  • Allow children to pick their toothpaste as well. Be it strawberry or mint— they should be free to choose their favourite flavor.
  • Read the literature about dental hygiene and watch fun informational videos with them.
  • Set a timer to make sure that your children brush their teeth for atleast two minutes. To help them in maintaining track of time, play their favourite music track alongside.
  • Make it fun for them, act out in goofy ways for them to feel that this a fun activity rather than a boring routine chore.
  • Ensure to reward children. Don't take them to eateries or give them sweet goodies. Instead, present something healthful and sensible, such as sliced apples, a smiley face, or a gold star brooch.
  • Plan a fun activity after your child's dentist appointment.

General dental tips for the parents to teach kids.

Put emphasis on education.

Children learn through observing and imitating their parents and older siblings. If your kiddos witness you cleaning and flossing your teeth every day, they will want to follow in your footsteps and do the same.

Teach them everything you know about dental hygiene and the dangers of not following correct teeth cleaning practices. Colourful charts are always a plus, and they allow your older kids to participate. Your small children look up to their older siblings and are inclined to imitate their actions.

Making a routine and sticking to it

Following patterns and routines encourage a child. Make dental hygiene a part of their morning and nightly routines. Check that they are applying suitable practices, and if you have any queries about how to improve their daily habits, feel free to consult your trusted dentist.

Let them have a seat.

If you're having trouble getting your child to stand still for two minutes to brush their teeth, have them sit down. Sitting down will aid your little one in remaining calm and focused while cleaning their teeth. If you can teach your children to sit still and brush their teeth for the proper amount of time when they are young, they are more likely to continue this healthy dental hygiene behaviour later in life.

Make Your Dental Appointments Family Events

Children can become overwhelmed and stressed during dental appointments, especially if they are required to do so alone. Going to the dentist can be an impromptu fun family ride instead of a scary visit. Plan your child's dentist visit at the same time as yours so that you share the experience. Your kid will not feel alone, and they will be able to observe you and realize that a dental appointment is not a big deal or anything to be afraid of. This is another opportunity for you to lead by example, demonstrate to your child that you visit the dentist on a regular basis and that they should do that as well.

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