8 must-have products in your dental hygiene kit

Accomplishing optimal dental hygiene is not an overnight task. Therefore, it is essential to follow all the necessary steps and choose the right products to maintain a healthy oral condition and prevent complicated oral concerns down the road.

Apart from following the basic steps, such as brushing your teeth twice and rinsing your mouth after every meal, it is crucial to be mindful of your daily dental regime and the dental products you use.

Some specific dental products can promote your oral health remarkably. Right now, the market is saturated with various dental care products, making it difficult for you to choose the right one. To end all your dilemmas, we have compiled a list of eight items you must have in your dental hygiene kit.


Selecting a suitable toothbrush for your teeth may be daunting, especially when the market is flooded with manufacturers touting the best product. Before choosing a toothbrush, you must be aware that there are three bristle varieties available:

1. Hard-bristle
2. Medium-bristle
3. Soft-bristle

Most dentists recommend using brushes with soft bristles as stiff or medium bristled brushes can damage your gums. The most important thing to remember while brushing is to brush in gentle circular strokes rather than severe sawing motions. So, if you have weak hand coordination, an electric toothbrush may be the best alternative for you.

However, if you are still ambiguous about picking the right toothbrush, feel free to consult with our dentist at Trident Smiles. Our dentist may recommend using an Oral-B manual toothbrush or Oral-B electric toothbrush.


There are several branded toothpaste tubes commercially available. Different products serve different purposes and target a particular set of consumers. For instance, if you are suffering from tooth sensitivity, you need a toothpaste that consists of potassium nitrate (to soothe the nerves) or fluoride (to build a protective layer to prevent sensitivities).

Choosing one brand from a vast line-up can be a tedious task. So, when in doubt, choose brands like Crest or Colgate. These are some of the most popular brands recommended by our dentists.

Dental Floss

A toothbrush cannot remove the tiny food particles that stick to your teeth—here is when dental floss comes in handy. Flossing is extremely crucial and underrated. Dentists suggest using floss twice a day to reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum diseases. There are two varieties of dental floss available on the market:

1. Waxed
2. Unwaxed

People who have tightly spaced teeth should consider using waxed floss. Most professionals recommend ADA-approved brands like Coco Floss, DenTek, etc.

Oral Whiteners

Teeth whiteners and white strips help whiten your teeth using peroxide solutions. Crest 3D Whitestrips are a dentist-recommended brand. Oral whiteners are undoubtedly helpful, but dentists would always recommend undergoing a teeth-whitening procedure once or twice a year. Therefore, apart from using oral whiteners at home, you must consult with your dentist and book an appointment to opt for a customized tooth whitening treatment for yourself.

Dental Toothpicks

Dental toothpicks come in handy to remove plaque and stuck food. Even though they serve almost the same purpose as a string of dental floss, they are more convenient and easy to use. A toothpick is also an excellent alternative for people who are not comfortable using floss. However, it is better to choose gentler ones with mini brushes than the sharper ones. You can find a few varieties of toothpicks available on the market, like:

1. Disposable bamboo toothpicks are readily available on the market.
2. The Advanced dental picks look like a brush and gently remove trapped food particles.
3. The most updated Reusable titanium toothpicks come with a protective case holder.

Oral Irrigators

An oral irrigator shoots a continuous stream of water into your mouth to remove food particles and bacteria from places not easily accessible by toothbrushes. The device is best for teens with braces or adults with partial dentures. Listed below are some reasons why our dentists prescribe oral irrigators:

1. It reduces the bacteria.
2. It removes 99% of plaque.
3. It helps reduce the risk of gingivitis.
4. It reduces gum bleeding.
5. It helps get rid of bad breath.

When choosing an oral irrigator, you must ensure that it has a system of water pressure regulation.
Most dentists prefer to recommend ADA-certified brands like Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser, the finest among the flossers available in the market.


Different mouthwash brands serve different purposes. Some are useful for removing plaque, while others prevent gingivitis. Many types of mouthwash contain fluoride, which helps in reducing bad breath. Even though mouthwashes serve the purpose of removing plaque and reducing bad breath, they must not replace brushing and flossing. Listerine, Crest, and Colgate mouthwashes are the best brands trusted by dentists worldwide.

Tongue scrapers

A tongue scraper cleans the tongue and removes all the bacteria. Without a proper tongue cleaner, you may have to deal with bad breath. Therefore, a tongue scraper is an essential tool to add to your daily dental regime. Dr. Tungs's Tongue Cleaner is one of the most popular and in-demand tongue scrapers that have shown remarkable results.

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