Invisalign Teen | All you need to know

Invisalign treatment was once largely intended for the adult populace, but as the procedure progressed, it became a viable choice for younger patients as well. As the number of Teen patients has grown, we've witnessed the popularity of the product skyrocket as well. While braces are terrific for individuals of all ages and are now petite, elegant, and more comfortable than ever before, clear aligners are an excellent alternative.

Based on their recommended treatment plan, your kid will wear their aligners for 20 to 22 hours each day and change to a new pair every one-two week. As they progress through the array of Invisalign Teen aligners, the teeth will gradually shift into their desired locations.

We'll go over the finer points of the product while comparing it with its counterparts to demonstrate how it's a perfect treatment for your adolescent.

Why Invisalign teen is great

The treatment with Invisalign Teen is incredibly precise. The teeth aligners are specially designed for your child's mouth and are based on a computerized treatment plan.

Trident Smiles Dental's unprecedented experience, paired with precision, provides fantastic results!

What's more? Most people wouldn't know your child is wearing aligners because they're built out of translucent material and moulded to adjust with the mouth. Several teen patients often share how they feel comfortable showing off their smiles throughout treatment. Even though modern metal braces are streamlined, some patients are nevertheless self-conscious about having brackets and wires on their teeth. Though teens can choose transparent or lingual braces for a more discrete option, Invisalign Teen clear aligners provide the best of both worlds because they are detachable and aesthetically pleasing.

Difference between Invisalign and Invisalign Teen

Invisalign Teen aligners include a tiny dot on the back, which is not present in Invisalign for adults. Based on how regularly a teenager carries his or her aligners, that dot tends to change colour— from blue to clear to white.

Invisalign Teen vs traditional braces

Traditional braces necessitate meticulous cleaning and maintenance. Is your teen responsible enough to ensure that they maintain the daily oral hygiene, which traditional braces necessitate? Without a committed oral hygiene program, decay can develop behind the brackets or between your teen's teeth, making flossing more difficult. Pain, discomfort, mouth sores, or injuries caused by brace wires, plaque buildup, tooth discolouration, tooth/bracket fracture, or difficulties eating can all be caused by the brackets and wires within the mouth. These are all factors to consider while determining whether traditional braces are the best option for your kid.

Invisalign Teen aligners, on the contrary, are well sorted on that front because they are clear, detachable and wire-free. They can be taken off while consuming food. Invisalign Teen is also the best choice if your child is into sports or living a pretty active lifestyle.

Invisalign Teen vs DIY direct to consumer braces

D2C (Direct to Consumer) aligners may seem tempting to an adolescent due to their super-hectic lives. However, the  DIY approach can be a major drawback because there is no actual monitoring; specialists only check in once every 90 days— and this is also done remotely. You will have a completely reliable experience with Invisalign teen because you will be under the ongoing observation of an experienced professional at Trident Smiles Dental with in-house availability to counter the event of an emergency— something a D2C business can never commit.

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